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Virginia Dressage Association

a Group Member Organization (GMO) of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF)

Dressage at Lexington 

Challenge Classes

Awards Ceremony Protocol

Dressage at Lexington 

Challenge Classes Awards Ceremony

Dressage at Lexington mounted awards ceremony will be held for:

USDF Musical Freestyle

FEI Musical Freestyle

Prix St. George

Intermediate 1

The Maestro Cup Grand Prix

Awards Schedule

Participation in the awards ceremony is strongly encouraged, especially for class champions and reserve champions, but is not mandatory.

Riders not intending to participate in their awards ceremony must notify the VADA representative at the time they pick up their ribbon.

Awards Schedule 



Prix St. George - Ring 3, 5:00p.m.


FEI Musical Freestyle - Ring 1, 1:00 p.m.

USDF Musical Freestyle - Ring 1, 4:10 p.m.


Maestro Cup Grand Prix - Ring 1, 12:45

Intermediate I - Ring 4, 2:20 p.m.

Ceremony Procedure

  • Riders placing in a challenge class must pick up their ribbon PRIOR to their designated awards ceremony. Awards pick-up will be at the Awards Tent.
  • Riders not intending to participate in their awards ceremony must notify the VADA representative at the time they pick up their ribbon.

  • Riders participating in their awards ceremony must in the stated location 5 minutes prior to their designated award ceremony time.  
  • Riders/horses must be in proper show attire, with ribbons affixed to the right side of the bridle. Instructions for securing ribbons will be provided. Leg wraps are permitted.
  • Riders may choose to participate in the ceremony on any horse, but horse and rider must be in proper show attire as described above. 
  • An unmounted rider is permitted with prior permission from the Awards Coordinator. No unmounted horses allowed. The rider must be in proper show attire. 
  • All riders participating in an awards ceremony will have their photo taken and will then have the opportunity to participate in a victory lap should they so choose or may exit the coliseum prior to the victory lap.

Questions regarding these procedures? Contact Sheli King, Awards Coordinator, at 703-868-9062.

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