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VADA Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)

Volunteer Incentive Program

The VADA Volunteer Incentive Program  (VIP) is intended to stimulate interest in volunteerism among VADA members. As a reward for volunteering, members will earn special VADA VIP gifts.

There are 3 Reward Levels:

  • Bronze: 12 hours, earns a Bronze level VADA VIP gift
  • Silver: 24 hours, earns a Silver or Bronze level VADA VIP gift
  • Gold: 50 hours, earns a Gold or Silver or Bronze level VADA VIP gifs

Hours are cumulative within a given year, and will not carry over from one year to another. To earn VADA VIP rewards, you must volunteer at any of the VADA (not chapter) functions listed below, and send in your signed volunteer form to the VIP program administrator listed below. All VIP rewards will be given out at the VADA Annual Awards Banquet. Volunteer time for the VIP program MUST be earned by the member and cannot be transferred.

All questions may be directed to Penny Hawes, VADA VIP Chairman, email [email protected] 

VADA Volunteer Opportunities for 2021

  • VADA​ Symposium with George Williams and Bill Warren (June)(Esmont, VA).
  • Dressage at Lexington (July), Lexington, VA.
  • GAIG's/VADA Fall Show (October), Lexington, VA.
  • Assisting with the Annual Awards Brunch (4 hours).
  • Securing advertising or sponsorship for any of the above shows. One hour of volunteer time will be given for every $100 of advertising or sponsorship. Contact the show organizer or sponsorship chairperson for specific sponsorship details.
  • Donating your services as a clinician, judge, or Technical Delegate for sale at the Awards Brunch Silent Auction (8 hours).
  • Other volunteer activities as determined by the Board.

To be eligible for VADA VIP awards, submit your order form online and provide verification of your VADA state volunteer time to:

Penny Hawes  Email:  [email protected]

All volunteer forms and VIP award forms must be received by

 December 1, 2021, in order to be eligible for VIP awards.

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