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Virginia Dressage Association

a Group Member Organization (GMO) of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF)

2022 Year-Ends Awards Overview


VADA would like to thank the following organizations and businesses for contributing to the silent auction at VADA’s 2021 banquet:

Karen Barnard (SVDA)

Siobhan Byrne/Qualia Dressage (NOVA)

Alison Douglas (Central)

Donna Gatchell/Donna Gatchell Dressage (NOVA)

Jessie Ginsburg (NOVA)

Michelle King (NOVA)

Bettina Longaker (Charlottesville)

Debbie Marriott/Brentwood Sporthorses Freestyle Design (NOVA)

Jane Palmer (Shen VADA)

Angela Stanaway (NE-VADA)

2021 Archived

2021 Year-End Award Placings (Final)


2021 Annual Membership Meeting and Year-Awards Presentation

2021 Banquet Slide Show

A VADA Glance of 2021 Picture Book

Year-End Awards Overview

The Virginia Dressage Association recognizes rider and horse achievements (schooling and licensed), In-Hand/Dressage Sport Horse Breeding (DSHB), volunteers for their hard work throughout the year at a Chapter and State level, "Trainer of the Year", "The High Score Adult Amateur Award" and "Breed in Virginia" which goes to the rider, not breeder or owner. Other VADA Awards include the "Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award", "Chapter President's Award", and "Chapter Newsletter Editor's Award".

The award year runs from 1 December to 30 November and is restricted to VADA competitors and volunteers.  The deadline for the Year-End Awards is 1 December 2022. 

Applicants may elect to complete the online form application and pdf supporting documents or complete the Year-End Report Form (published in the VADA 2022 Purple Book) with supporting documents. All information must be submitted either electronically or by mail to Joann Collins, VADA Year-End Awards Chairperson, 4172 Range Road, Mechanicsville, VA 2311. Questions can be directed to Joann Collins at [email protected], 443-756-3341. Nominees will receive notification of the receipt of the award package and 2021 award recipients will be notified no later than 31 December 2021.  A list of award recipients will be posted on the VADA website. 

VADA State Work Requirement Composite

As part of the Year-End Awards application process, volunteering at least one day at a VADA event, and half-day of volunteer time with the local chapter is a requirement for all awards. 

Year-End Awards Online Application

(Licensed and Schooling)

Schooling ad Licensed 

Overview and Form Download

In-Hand/Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Class  Overview and Form Download

(Licensed Shows)

General Requirements
  • All competitors must be VADA members at the time of the competition.
  • All awards will be calculated by adding the horse/rider scores together and then dividing by the total number of tests ridden to result in an average score.
  • The awards year will run from December 1 —November 30.
  •  For all awards, scores must be earned from at least 2 different judges and at least 2 shows.
  • Every score submitted must be 55% or higher (schooling and licensed).
  •  Scores cannot be counted if your trainer is the judge.
  • Competitor photo submitted with year-end awards application with photographer credit.

Volunteer Requirements

  • One day of volunteer time at a VADA event (i.e, Annual Banquet, Symposium, Chapter Challenge Schooling Show, DAL, GAiG's/VADA Fall Show Competition or other as approved by VADA President)
  • Half-day of volunteer time with the local chapter.
  • In the case of Pas de Deux or Quadrille awards, ALL riders of the team must satisfy volunteer requirements in order for the whole team to be eligible for award(s).
  • A rider DOES NOT have to do multiple days of volunteer time in order to submit awards with multiple horses, at multiple levels, or for schooling licensed and in-hand/breed awards.
  • Someone else may donate their volunteer time to another VADA competitor. However, it must be clearly indicated or noted on the chapter volunteer spreadsheet submitted to the VADA Year-End Awards Chairperson.  Note: The same volunteer time cannot be donated to multiple competitors.
  • There are no exceptions to these volunteer requirements.

Virginia Dressage Association, LLC

a non-profit organization

a Group Member Organization (GMO) of the United States Dressage Federation (USDF)